Creativity and Entrepreneurship for better Future (2013)

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    The training course Creativity and Entrepreneurship for better Future was held in Vienna, Austria between 29 October and 6 November 2013. It brought together 22 participants (2 per organization) from Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and Turkey. All participants were representatives of their youth organizations (youth leaders, youth workers, trainers, multipliers) that focus on intercultural education through youth work.

    The training course allowed participants to gain understanding about good entrepreneurial behaviour and to develop the following entrepreneurial skills – team building skills, creative thinking, facilitation competence and communication competence. It allowed them also to develop sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, ability tot hink imaginatively and originally in order to achieve economic, political, social and environmental goals. 

    Everyone got to know about opportunities on how to develop new projects under Youth in Action programme and to support the establishment of new partnerships among Programme countries and Neighbouring Partner countries.

    A follow-up of this project was Inclusive Growth for Inclusive Society.