Somewhere in Armenia

Written by Ainoha Velles Augusto, 2015-09-04

...in a place whose name I can't remember!

After a restless night, a new day started, Wednesday, September 2nd, and like every morning we headed to class.

We started with a warm-up, then we worked on how to be a good leader. We ended up concluding that a good leader must meet a number of qualities: be responsible, hardworking, flexible or someone charismatic.

After the usual coffee break, we analyzed how each of us is based on a test: active, reflexive, theoretical or pragmatic.

Due to the heat, some decided to take a swim in the "Olympic" pool, and others decided to recover with a few hours of sleep. The evening began with the "bananas game". After the funny game, we had a class in management style.

After the second coffee break of the day we started with the game of musical chairs, we started the preparation of the video project by distributing the tasks and funny characters.

Finally after dinner, the games became the protagonists again, first we played the "Kissing game" and the famous "Mafia" game...

Then a restless night started, more for some than for others…