Getting know each other

Written by Enisa Ata Isim, 2015-09-01

Sunday was the first day of activities. It was the moment to get to know each other and to start working as a team.

For this, we started by learning each other’s names. We did it in a dynamic way, through games and energizers.

We talked about our fears, contributions and expectations and so we found out that this project is full of active people, willing to learn from each other and to contribute with their knowledge and qualities. We also had some team building activities.

As you can see in the picture, we had the ‘Mission impossible’ activity. We had to work in teams to do some games and then to show to the team: we chose a name, designed a flag, and did some nice things such a dance and a human clock… It was a nice activity and we had a lot of fun by showing each other’s ideas.

But the best thing was definitely the intercultural night: Spain, Turkey and Poland taught us a little bit from their countries and their cultures. We also had some nice food and (of course) drinks. Then it was time to party with Spanish music. It was a long night but funny as well. Can’t wait for the next intercultural evening on Tuesday!