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Overdue 3rd day

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Event presentation
Event presentation

Let's go through 3rd day of our TC once again. First think which we disscussing at was self-awareness. It means what is important for us in team-work, organisation etc.

Next step was to create an event in frames of organisation task from the very basics.step by step: resources, monej, contact with media, logisnes and technical aspect. Main question which help us to to this task were: What? For what? Where? With whom? For how much?

During filling our learing styles test we got to know four attitudes: pragmatic, reflector, activist, theoretic. Realizing to what sort of learining style you belong can help you in improving your work efficiency. 

Later, after brainstorming, we create vision of the project video. But it's not all. Neither project can't exist without international evening. That day was reserved for Austria, Georgia and hosting country - Armenia. After presentation, quizes and national dances was time for food and drinks. Special attention goes to Georgian chacha - among us were some enthusiastics of that alcohol and we're supposing that it doesn't kill anybody.

Written by: Damian & Natalia


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