Let's go through 3rd day of our TC once again. First think which we disscussing at was self-awareness. It means what is important for us in team-work, organisation etc.

...in a place whose name I can't remember!

After a restless night, a new day started, Wednesday, September 2nd, and like every morning we headed to class.

We started with a warm-up, then we worked on how to be a good leader. We ended up concluding that a good leader must meet a number of qualities: be responsible, hardworking, flexible or someone charismatic. 

On the way to Armenia, some participants traveled through Georgia. They met in Tbilisi, saw some sights, tasted some local food and commuted to Yerevan together. Here are some pictures from that day.



Sunday was the first day of activities. It was the moment to get to know each other and to start working as a team.

For this, we started by learning each other’s names. We did it in a dinamic way, through games and energizers.

By Isabella and Dominik, Video Raylya

„Let’s make another toast“, Garik says. In his black training suit he comfortably sits on the sofa in the lobby of the hotel “Voske Getak” in Aghveran, 45 km from Yerevan. Garik takes a piece of the dark chocolate and lights a new cigarette. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning.

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