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Who we are

  • What is Progressum

    Progressum is a non-governmental, non-profit youth association founded in Vienna, Austria in early 2013. Along with our members and partners we support community development as a key method of addressing issues of poverty, inequality, discrimination and exclusion.

  • Our Vision

    Improving youth active participation in their local communities and beyond.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to ensure that associations and businesses working with youth in Europe and beyond have access to diversity and freedom in order to achieve better quality of our communities on local, national and international level by sharing and developing open acess delivery, ideas and methods. This shall result in enhaced general understanding of European Member States as well as higher awareness of problems and good practices from each other.

What is our goal

  • Our Goals

    Promotion of quality education; practice exchange as well as support for activists and youth workers; assist social integration and personal orientation of the young people in unequivalent social conditions; develop and encourage a mutual understanding among young people of different countries; promote young people as active citizens and as European citizens as well; develop solidarity and social cohesion among young people and provide them mobility opportunities.

  • Our Partners

    Our members have all been doing those things during our work for the largest student run organization AIESEC and during our exchanges abroad as well as in active participation in various youth projects!

  • Funding

    All our projects have been co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and Lifelong learning Programme of the European Union, managed by the Austrian national agency "Interkulturelles Zentrum".

Latest news from our blog

  • Overdue 3rd day
    Written by
    on 06 Sep 2015

    Let's go through 3rd day of our TC once again. First think which we disscussing at was self-awareness. It means what is important for us in team-work, organisation etc.

  • Somewhere in Armenia... on 04 Sep 2015 a place whose name I can't remember!

    After a restless night, a new day started, Wednesday, September 2nd, and like every morning we headed to class.

    We started with a warm-up, then we worked on how to be a good leader. We ended up concluding that a good leader must meet a number of qualities: be responsible, hardworking, flexible or someone charismatic. 

  • Tbilisi
    Written by
    on 01 Sep 2015

    On the way to Armenia, some participants traveled through Georgia. They met in Tbilisi, saw some sights, tasted some local food and commuted to Yerevan together. Here are some pictures from that day.